Kodai Hotel Sunrise

Luxury Hotel with Modern Facilites
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Kodai Hotel Sunrise

Happiness on rise with Sunrise Hotel!

Whatever the nature of the trip may be,either a business tour along with colleagues or a family trip to relax wholeheartedly or a lone trip to enjoy the beauty of nature…the ultimate aim is happiness and Sunrise Hotel gives loads and loads of it!!

Sunrise Hotel and its uniqueness!!

A hotel becomes renowned depending on the feel it creates in the mind of the people who have dwelled in it. Sunrise Hotel have got this unique attribute of bringing a 'Second Home' sensation that composes an urge in the people those who have experienced stay at this cozy place. Contentment that arises as the aftermath of the care that is showered proves the success of the hotel!!

Enjoy your special moments in Sunrise Hotel

Heart leaps up with joy at the very thought of holidays and enjoyment.We at, Hotel Sunrise,understand perfectly the need of people coming to our place in search of recreation!Yes,We believe that our mission is your amusement!!!Also,most of the times, trips are meant to be with special persons which in turn gives rise to special moments.We have equipped ourselves the best to make your moments still more special!

Sunrise Hotel readily awaits to serve you!!

The single smile that emerges out of heartfelt satisfaction indicates the success of any accomplishment…We,the team at Sunrise Hotel await to serve you all the time!!Visit us at Accommodation in Kodaikanal Put aside all falters and apprehend warm response for any of your queries!We look forward to seeing you at our place located at 8/62 Post office road,Kodaikanal.Ping +91 4542 240413 or +91 4542 242254 to reach our team through phone or E-mail to kodaihotelsunrise@gmail.com!!!