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Kodaikanal Travels

Kodaikanal Travels- An overview!

Hillstations always have got this ability of dragging people towards them.Kodaikanal,being one of the primary tourist part in south India,drags numerous tourists from all over the world everyday!! Kodaikanal Travels is the sole purpose of visit of all tourists!!Hotel Sunrise leaves you with an all set mind for the travel!

Plan your trip in accordance with Kodaikanal Travels

Travelling within Kodaikanal is very easy, as the town is very small and every part of the town can be easily accessed through any mode of travel. There are buses available from travelling from the foothills to the hill station. The hill station region is very well planned out and all regions lie close by.After Kodaikanal Travels,you will definitely long for a place of good ambience to relax for which Hotel Sunrise is present!

Kodaikanal Travels delighting you to the maximum possible!!

Apart from walk and bus travel,Cycles are available in Kodaikanal for rent, and these are much preferred by tourists and locals alike. Almost all the major attractions, including Guna Caves, the Kodaikanal Lake and the central street where all shops are present can be easily reached through walk. Kodaikanal is a safe haven for all tourists especially when it comes to travel domain!!

We strive for your satisfaction! Kodaikanal Travels!!

The single smile that emerges out of heartfelt satisfaction indicates the success of any accomplishment…We,the team at Sunrise Hotel await to serve you all the time!!Visit us at Accommodation Kodaikanal Put aside all falters and apprehend warm response for any of your queries!We look forward to seeing you at our place located at 8/62 Post office road,Kodaikanal.Ping +91 4542 240413 or +91 4542 242254 to reach our team through phone or E-mail to!!!