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Kodaikanal Hotels

Kodaikanal Hotels- a blessing for tourists!

Kodaikanal itself is a place of appreciable attractiveness.When the place you stay is also rich in looks and care,no comparison can be given for the delight you experience… Kodaikanal Hotels as Hotel Sunrise offer you with such exuberance enabling a feel that you are in the right place!!

Get immersed in rich beauty! Kodaikanal Hotels!!

Who will not long for a stay that has the power to create magics in your mindset?With Mother Nature showcasing her rich beauty all around and a cozy feel that you get in your place of dwell,it is sure that you get the sensation of heaven on earth. Kodaikanal Hotels as Hotel Sunrise have always got this rich charm that allures people inevitably towards them!

Feel the fantastic aura at Kodaikanal Hotels!

Every minute details in the vicinity are taken into interest and Kodaikanal Hotels as Hotel Sunrise are laid out in an effective way to fascinate you and enable your mood swing to one of the most pleasant phase.Enthusiasm is guaranteed cent percent when you are in our place. Come on!loosen up yourselves away from the hustles and bustles of the hectic present lifestyle and feel the essence of joy!!!

Enter in…Leave with a grin!Its Kodaikanal Hotels!!

The bliss of visiting Kodaikanal is beyond descriptions...Stay at the Sunrise hotel adds up to the feel!! Give your heart and soul the delight of being at the best place. Get set...and dash into our hotel located at 8/62 Post office road,Kodaikanal. Our team at Sunrise Hotel have perfectly perceived the wants of people entering our place and have tried our best to give you more than the best!Ring to 04542-241358 ; 245584 or E-mail to for any of your queries.Also,visit us at Accommodation Kodaikanal