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Kodai Lodging

Kodai Lodging gives you unbelievable comfort!

The pupose of visit may differ but stay at a pleasant place always adds up to the spirit of the mind.Prime objective of Kodai Lodging is to augment the amusement of people staying at our place.Sunrise Hotel gives you an experience beyond your expectation!

Enjoy trip with Kodai Lodging

People always have craze for the exhilarated feel that is created when thaey are at the place appealing to their heart.When this sensation of happiness is accompanied by variety of delicious food and pleasant ambience with adorable hospitality….Yea it means you are blessed!And you have experienced Kodai Lodging at Hotel Sunrise!!

Kodai Lodging and its remarkable aspects!!

Success of any lodging place depends on the cozy feeling created in the thoughts of people who reach there...This feel is abundant in Kodai Lodging !!Hospitality is of main interest to us and we are renowned for the efficient implementation of cheer and care for those who arrive at our place. Wish to run away from the scorching heat and enjoy nature at its best?Enter into Sunrise Hotel!!!

Gear up!! Kodai Lodging awaits you!

The single smile that emerges out of heartfelt satisfaction indicates the success of any accomplishment…We,the team at Sunrise Hotel await to serve you all the time!!Visit us at Accommodation in Kodaikanal Put aside all falters and apprehend warm response for any of your queries!We look forward to seeing you at our place located at 8/62 Post office road,Kodaikanal.Ping +91 4542 240413 or +91 4542 242254 to reach our team through phone or E-mail to!!!